1st donation - £95

So, we made our first official donation to @restlessbeings - thanks to all your purchases! You are an incredible bunch! Dhonnobad for all your purchases, posts and shares!

So, how does £95 help in the Learning Centres in Bangladesh run by @restlessbeings?

£2: A few meals or education materials for a child

£10: Supports 1 child and provides the following for a whole month:

*Daily education, with Burmese and English Curriculums
*Hygiene, healthcare & any medical attention needed
*Uniform and educational equipment
*A safe playing/therapy space & toys
*Basic faith education
*A warm hub and home from home
*Food / Clean drinking water

Thanks once again! You are khub fab 🌼💛

www.holudgolap.com 🌼

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