5th donation - £150 (A total of £710 donated!)

Just made the fifth donation from the sale of chari-tees. A total of £150 has been donated - bringing total donation to £710 since we started 6 months ago!

Thanks to your purchases, posts and shares which has made this happen! We seriously couldn’t have done this without every one of you. Heartfelt dhonnobad from the bottom of our hearts 🙏🏽

Each tee sold has donated £5 or £10, each pin badge donated £2.50 and each greeting card donated £1.00.

Your donations provides support for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh for what is needed most. Please follow the link @restlessbeings and donate what you can. Even £5 will go a long way.

Thanks once again! You are khub fab 🌼💛

www.holudgolap.com 🌼

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